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Get ready to dance and groove to the Afro-Cuban beats of Conjunto Guantánamo's latest single, ‘Rumba Guajira’  

Conjunto Guantánamo drops their latest single, ‘Rumba Guajira’.  This musical release, out February 24, 2023, on Nganga Records, will find a wide audience with both newcomers and aficionados alike. 

Preview CG’s ‘Rumba Guajira’ via Soundcloud - 

Get ready to dance and groove to the Afro-Cuban beats of Conjunto Guantánamo's latest single, ‘Rumba Guajira’. This dynamic and energetic new track is sure to get you moving with its passionate and soulful melodies. 

 “… Afro-Cuban Ensemble…

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CG Announce the Third Single Of Their Forthcoming Album – Out November 29, 2019 

Preview ‘El Son Convidando’ via Soundcloud

Upcoming Album ‘Moviendo los Caracoles’ Promises to be an Impressive Collection of Blazing Hot Tracks 

‘El Son Convidando’ (OUT Nov. 29, 2019/Nganga Records) is the third single from the album that Conjunto Guantanamo have been teasing with since last year. The upcoming album itself, ‘Moviendo los Caracoles’ started production late last year and has had two acclaimed singles so far which took the listener down the road of ‘Son Cubano’, the genre that has been so…

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Mamaita No Quiere - Out Now 

'Conjunto Guantánamo' Announce the Second Single Off Their Forthcoming Album Out February 22

Upcoming Album ‘Moviendo los Caracoles’ Promises to be an Impressive Collection of Blazing Hot Tracks

'Mamaita No Quiere' (out February 22/Nganga Records) is the second single off of 'Conjunto Guantánamo’s anticipated new album, 'Moviendo los Caracoles'. This new single, 'Mamaita No Quiere' hits the ground running with an explosive energy created by this ensemble that is essentially a six man rhythm machine. From…

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Conjunto Guantánamo In The Running To Become A Nominee In The 17th Annual Independent Music Awards 

February 11, 2019 – Homegrown talent Conjunto Guantánamo is among the artists and bands vying for a nomination in The 17th annual Independent Music Awards (the IMAs), the influential platform for established and emerging artists from around the globe, with their latest single, 'Cuchillo para la Piña Cubana.'  If nominated the "ambassadors of Cuban folklore" could be among this year’s Winners announced during The IMA ceremony in the summer of 2019 at the Symphony Space Performing Arts Center in New York…

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Conjunto Guantánamo, One of Today’s Most Authentic Traditional Afro-Cuban Ensembles, Drops their 






Upcoming Album 'Moviendo los Caracoles' Promises to be an Impressive Collection of Blazing Hot Tracks


‘Cuchillo para la Piña Cubana’ (out now) is the first single from the highly anticipated new album ‘Moviendo los Caracoles’ (coming April 12/Nganga Records) by Conjunto Guantánamo. From its first bars, 'Cuchillo para la Piña Cubana' draws the listener in with one new fresh rhythmic passage after another, before exploding into a full-on, high-energy…

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Conjunto Guantánamo does Christmas Cuban-Style in their Holiday Double-Single Out Now 




Kick off your holidays with some of the best new Christmas songs to come along in years. A holiday music release that will have everyone dancing, swinging and feeling good.

'Conjunto Guantánamo' are sure to get any Christmas party going with their signature holiday singles, 'Santa Claus Llego a la Ciudad' and 'Navidad, Navidad' (OUT NOW). The tracks are just right for any get together with family and friends, and perfect for getting your…

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Upcoming New Album to be Released in 2018 Holiday season - STAY TUNED!! 

Stay tuned for more about our widely anticipated upcoming LP album release titled...

Moviendo los Caracoles” (2018), Nganga Records


Includes the singles

1) “ Cuchillo Para la Piña Cubana” (F. Chapottín)

2) “Mamaita no Quiere” (F. Chapottín)


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Recorded at Nganga Recording Studios in Brooklyn, NY and engineered by Pepito Gomez and Ulises Beato collectively. It was produced by the two as well and this time the music was arranged by Carlos Mena. The tracks were mixed and mastered by…

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Music Workshop - Global Voices: The Power of Song 

2014 Lowell Folk Festival Music Workshop Global Voices: The Power of Song at Market Street


Before our first performance in Lowell on Sunday, the last day of this years festival, a handful of us from Conjunto Guantánamo where asked to take part in one of the several music workshops the festival offers. So, after breakfast, we got shuttled off to one of the stages, a small one at Market Street. There were 12 participants in total arranged in a semi-circle facing an audience that braved a… Read more

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