Get ready to dance and groove to the Afro-Cuban beats of Conjunto Guantánamo's latest single, ‘Rumba Guajira’ 

Conjunto Guantánamo drops their latest single, ‘Rumba Guajira’.  This musical release, out February 24, 2023, on Nganga Records, will find a wide audience with both newcomers and aficionados alike. 

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Get ready to dance and groove to the Afro-Cuban beats of Conjunto Guantánamo's latest single, ‘Rumba Guajira’. This dynamic and energetic new track is sure to get you moving with its passionate and soulful melodies. 

 “… Afro-Cuban Ensemble Conjunto Guantánamo [explore] the rhythms of son montuno, cha-cha-cha, mambo and rumba with contemporary energy,” says Jane Levere, Forbes 

“It’s been one of my favorite tunes in our repertoire ever since we started playing it live several years back,” says percussionist Ulises Beato who’s the leader of Conjunto Guantánamo. He adds, “I’m so excited that this is our next single. Every time we play it, it feels really great to share this song with our audiences and see the reaction it gets.” 

Fusing the rhythms of this ‘Son Montuno,’ with their contemporary energy, Conjunto Guantánamo takes this classic 1950's track originally written by Arsenio Rodriguez and gives it a fresh twist. The harmonies of the backup singers and Pepito Gomez's powerful lead vocals join the bright, sultry tones of the trumpet with the bass and piano intertwining their own grooves around the polyrhythms of the conga and bongo drums. The whole song is given a steady beat, by Pepito's tres guitar and the hypnotic rhythm of the guiro, creating a steam locomotive-like drive that beckons us to dance. 

Afro-Cuban ‘Son’, the genre of Conjunto Guantánamo's music, is known for its exotic fusion of African and Cuban rhythms with those of Spain. This genre eventually gave rise to the popular genre of salsa, making ‘Rumba Guajira’ a must-listen for both newcomers and aficionados of the style. 

Don't miss out on this soulful and lively rhythmic new track. Find it on all music platforms in downloadable or streaming formats starting February 24, 2023.

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