Upcoming New Album to be Released in 2018 Holiday season - STAY TUNED!!

Stay tuned for more about our widely anticipated upcoming LP album release titled...

Moviendo los Caracoles” (2018), Nganga Records


Includes the singles

1) “ Cuchillo Para la Piña Cubana” (F. Chapottín)

2) “Mamaita no Quiere” (F. Chapottín)


Read about it...

Recorded at Nganga Recording Studios in Brooklyn, NY and engineered by Pepito Gomez and Ulises Beato collectively. It was produced by the two as well and this time the music was arranged by Carlos Mena. The tracks were mixed and mastered by Kamilo Kract at Soundworks Recording Studios in Queens, NY

The personnel on the CD are Pepito Gomez on lead vocals, Kali Rodriguez Peña and Oscar Oñoz on trumpet, Mauricio Herrera on bongó, Ulises Beato on conga, Ittetsu Nasuda on piano and Carlos Mena on Bass. The backup vocals on those tracks were by Carlos Mena, Ulises Beato and Argelio Nodal.

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