Conjunto Guantánamo, One of Today’s Most Authentic Traditional Afro-Cuban Ensembles, Drops their

From its first bars, 'Cuchillo para la Piña Cubana' draws the listener in with one new fresh rhythmic passage after another, before exploding into a full-on, high-energy Cuban dance number with all the strength and driving beat of a steady locomotive. This track a festive and contemporary feel while staying true to it's origins.

Conjunto Guantánamo does Christmas Cuban-Style in their Holiday Double-Single Out Now

Trip the light fantastic with Conjunto Guantánamo’s Afro-Cuban inspired Christmas tunes. Kick off your holidays with some of the best new Christmas songs to come along in years.  A holiday music release that will have everyone dancing, swaying and feeling good. Add these to your playlist and cut loose at the Christmas party! 

Upcoming New Album to be Released in 2018 Holiday season - STAY TUNED!!

Recorded at Nganga Recording Studios in Brooklyn, NY and engineered by Pepito Gomez and Ulises Beato collectively. It was produced by the two as well and this time the music was arranged by Carlos Mena. 

Music Workshop - Global Voices: The Power of Song

Before our first performance in Lowell on Sunday, the last day of this years festival, a handful of us from Conjunto Guantánamo where asked to take part in one of the several music workshops the festival offers. So, after breakfast, we got shuttled off to one of the stages...

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The Ambassadors of Cuban Folklore

í Lo mejor en este género !

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